Computer Science Course

This area of Prawnstar Productions is designed to give you an insight into some of the tools I have worked with during my time at University.

The many icons around this article represent some of the more popular software and server technologies I have authored with during the four year course. I have developed strong opinions on many of them; have become adept at using some; while all have presented their own unique perspectives on Human – Computer interaction.

The course – BSc (Hons) Multimedia Computing – is centered on an understanding of software, game, and database design; dabbling in both bleeding edge technologies (such as eXist) as well as more mainstream applications (like the ever growing Adobe suite).

While not all of my work can be presented here, I have tried to showcase everything that lends itself to web technologies, as I feel this area provides an honest insight into my development as a game and multimedia designer.

At about the half way stage of the course, I developed a particular interest for how people interact with computers: challenging conventions and continually reappraising the usability of mine and others’ software. Overnight I endeavoured to dedicate more time and awareness to task oriented design in all of the projects I was working on at the time.

So while the pages here will inevitably cover a variety of themes given the diversity of my studies, I hope that some of the later projects demonstrate a commitment to inclusivity in design which I continue to hold and value highly.