Honesty & Inclusivity

Prawnstar Productions was originally conceived in late 2006 to showcase some of the browser games I created recreationally during my time at University. The fundamental objective was – and remains – to develop an expansive portfolio of design content to showcase professional and recreational achievements.

Because games integrate so many skill sets and technologies; I made an early decision to expand the scope of the site. Graphic design, the written word, and music are also amongst my areas of interest and each find representation here.

A secondary objective is to work with as many creative minds as possible and invoke a range of ideas over many areas of expertise. With games in particular I aspire to increase my focus on their inception while looking to delegate the roles of music, graphics, animation, and coding to other – more specialised – team members.

It is my sincerest desire that the web presence I establish here will increase awareness of my goals, and prompt similarly motivated, like-minded designers to collaborate with me on future projects.

I am proud of every creation showcased in the many pages of this site and hope they will eventually combine to form a decent snapshot of my life’s work and interests.

But for every completed project herein another is spawned. I am continually striving to better myself and embrace new challenges. With this comes a higher set of expectations, but – ultimately – better products.

Thank you for visiting my site. I hope you will forgive any impression of narcissism in these paragraphs for the passion and drive that truly belies my intentions. Please stay as long as you like and leave a comment to commemorate your visit!

Many thanks,