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Fancy Pants Adventure

This platform game is bursting with originality. The animation surpasses anything I've seen before in a Flash game, and the controls have been tweaked to near perfection. It plays rather like Sonic the Hedgehog, but somehow seems more expansive and easy going. The music is also excellent.


This is more of an artistic experience than a game, but it earns its place here for the stylistic influence it has had on so many other Browser games. There is a real potency in the minimal interaction required from the player. A true triumph that shouldn't take you too long to play through.


I'll go out on a limb here and say that this is the best Browser game I've played. It excels in every way: the control system is original and refined; the game physics are superb; and the levels are carefully laid out. If it weren't a little too hard, it would be perfect.


At the risk of being a little unfair: I am not sure this Browser experience quite reaches its potential. It is a remarkable creation however, blurring the boundaries between art and game. It starts off as a kind of interactive distraction, and the player very slowly gains some semblance of direction and purpose. The gradual immersion is wonderful, but a little more clarity in purpose would have been nice.


Another original platform game which takes good advantage of the mouse. The game physics are just sublime.

Crimson Room

This was apparently the first of the 'Escape the Room' type games. I am not completely convinced that this genre of game is logic-based enough to warrant the popularity it has, but Crimson Room is an excellent game in its own right. The sequel – while very similar – may even be a better game.