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Byte Compare - a file comparison utility 
A new project has prompted me to add a new area to the site. I have recently created a file comparison tool designed to quickly identify similar chunks of data amongst a set of files.

I have created Byte Compare to test out a theory I had for a comparison methodology which would allow accurate analyses to be performed quickly. While I fully anticipate being rumbled on this, I am not aware of any one else having conceived of this approach to-date, making this application unique.

This is the first release, but it has undergone nearly three weeks of development including a substantial testing period. I am currently scouting around communities to see who this solution might suit beyond those already cited in the ReadMe.

It is highly customizable, including save facilities for logs and profiles.

For more information on how Byte Compare scans differently to any other comparison tool, please see the heading 'How it works' in the accompanying documentation.

This project - along with Random Terrain - fall under the heading of applications most fittingly, prompting me to add the new section (see 'apps' in the top right menu).
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Portfolio page & cleanup 
I have added a portfolio page to this site. It is designed to accompany my CV and offer a third dimension - backing up what I say with real world and academic examples. The aim from here is to get a job in game design - specifically on the concept and team management side.

If you are in the game design industry and are visiting this site for the first time, please contact me for a CV. If my CV has brought you here - then I'm delighted and please feel free to comment on any of the projects here that strike you.

Finally - one tiny clean up: the tab 'blog' has been changed to 'news' so it is less likely to get overlooked when people link to other pages.

Lots of things change from here, but they're exciting times and I'm sure future projects on this page will demonstrate that.
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Last batch of UWE projects uploaded 
A good few updates this weekend brings the total number of projects under UWE to 12. The projects cover four years, and - as has long been cited as a priority - virtually all the assignments that lend themselves to web technologies are now uploaded... the good, the bad, and the downright ugly! Yes - I have completed the degree and look forward to making games for a living.

OK. I have finally uploaded the second assignment of the 3D modeling module. This is a brief character animation sequence which has been roughly rendered out from Motion Builder using a rather blunt video and sound ripping application. That said - it is better than nothing and my thanks go to the chap who made the app (the name of which I have completely forgotten!). Also to Ben for his help making this animation much better than it would otherwise have been.

Next up - I have uploaded a brief lip syncing scenario which was created as part of the 3D sequence mentioned above. It really is a largely unrelated sequence (though it is a part of the same spec) so I've added it separately - this also helps to clarify the range of technologies I covered in this module for the Portfolio page (read the next post for info on this :))

The last of the UWE projects I uploaded is Random Terrain. This is the second part of my final year project (along with the dissertation). The accompanying readme file for this app is vast and - along with the accompanying blurb on the description page - there's little more I need to say here. Suffice to say it is comfortably the biggest programming project I have been involved in.

So - the next post will introduce the plan from here and the birth of my portfolio page. Thanks for reading.
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Dissertation uploaded 
This is the dissertation I submitted for the final year. Along with the Application Development Project (yet to be uploaded), this is the most important component in terms of marks.

I will be making amendments to it in the future. It is far from perfect but I am delighted with the final piece given the difficulties of the past year. Please do not hesitate to contribute either by leaving a comment on the description's page or sending me an email. Game narrative is a topic of sincere interest to me and I welcome all opinions.

The link.
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Site maintenance 
Please note that this site is undergoing maintenance. One of the things being worked on is a dynamic menu system. This is working a little inconsistently at the moment.

The site is otherwise working fine, but please don't get disgruntled if the menus disappear / get re-ordered now and again. Thanks!
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