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Dissertation uploaded 
This is the dissertation I submitted for the final year. Along with the Application Development Project (yet to be uploaded), this is the most important component in terms of marks.

I will be making amendments to it in the future. It is far from perfect but I am delighted with the final piece given the difficulties of the past year. Please do not hesitate to contribute either by leaving a comment on the description's page or sending me an email. Game narrative is a topic of sincere interest to me and I welcome all opinions.

The link.
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Site maintenance 
Please note that this site is undergoing maintenance. One of the things being worked on is a dynamic menu system. This is working a little inconsistently at the moment.

The site is otherwise working fine, but please don't get disgruntled if the menus disappear / get re-ordered now and again. Thanks!
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Bobby's Beard has a new home 
I have added Bobby's Beard to the designs section and updated all of the 'creation' pages for all of the designs there. This means no more dead links on this site!

Prawnstar is growing really fast now - I still have a day's work to do just getting the latest projects online. Beyond that - a major overhaul is needed to improve the infrastructure of the site. Meta tags, showcase reels, dynamic menus, and much more.
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Capers' latest fixes 
There's normally a long wait between initial releases and maintenance releases with me, but this is the second fix-up in less than month. I hope it continues.

v3.0 fixes:
- buggy engine not as loud
- status messages not displayed for as long
- switch between cameras quicker
- buggy noise no longer runs into game over message screen
- victory screen time is now correctly displayed
- background music now loops correctly.

The whole experience should now be a lot more polished. Please post your high scores in the comments section on the game page. There's no major outstanding work left (at least - I don't think so).

I would like to again thank aunt nadia for the music in this game... great job as always.
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Modern game reviewed 
I updated the articles section with a review of Scurge: Hive. This is a great action adventure game that has sparked something of a renaissance in my interest for GameBoy Advance titles lately.

It's a tough one, but it pays homage to some great games of yesteryear in its construction - a real credit to the designers' sophisticated taste in older arcade games. Top stuff.

I'm also working on some reviews for Driv3r and one of the Rayman games (all GBA) which I hope to have up soon.

I welcome any and all feedback and hope the reviews entertain you for a while.

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