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Blog functionality extended 
I've gone back through each blog entry and tagged them with a category. At this time of writing, they're visible to the right under 'categories' (I may try to collapse this in future, as it eats up a good amount of screen space).

The benefit of this is that now each project can have a diary section. I have added this section to Capers for a quick glimpse of how this addition will appear across the site. Some projects share blog entries, so those featuring this new diary section should have a lot of related content early on.

It is down the versatility of the SPB software that drives this site. It has been a great servant and the team behind this free engine have done a great job.

I am hoping to automate the tab population at the top of each project page. A simple script will add tabs depending on the files it finds in the same directory as it is. A file (and that may include html and php pages) containing the words 'download', 'reflection', 'play' etc. will each prompt a tab to be automatically created and added along the top. It won't look any different, but will save me a great deal of time going back and adding them all manually.

Why mention it here? Well, it may be delayed while I figure out how to integrate this new diary functionality with it.
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Capers' latest fixes 
There's normally a long wait between initial releases and maintenance releases with me, but this is the second fix-up in less than month. I hope it continues.

v3.0 fixes:
- buggy engine not as loud
- status messages not displayed for as long
- switch between cameras quicker
- buggy noise no longer runs into game over message screen
- victory screen time is now correctly displayed
- background music now loops correctly.

The whole experience should now be a lot more polished. Please post your high scores in the comments section on the game page. There's no major outstanding work left (at least - I don't think so).

I would like to again thank aunt nadia for the music in this game... great job as always.
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Crystal Capers size fix 
Very quick entry to state that the size fix has finally happened with Crystal Capers. The deployment on this site is now the preferred choice for marking. No other alterations have been made yet.

Thanks for reading - the link.
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Crystal Capers regression 
Just a quick update: I've done some work on this game and while there are improvements (music, status screens, title screen, etc.) I've completely screwed up the framing of the game on the page. You'll see it if you load it - it's just completely horrible.

importantly: it is set up fine on my UWE Intranet site, so unless I get round to updating the game in the meantime: please mark me on the deployment there rather than this site.

It should be fixed this week, but I'm just being sure.
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A few fixes and some bad news 
Just a quick note to say that I've been looking a through a few of my earlier games and have run into a few problems that seem to have emerged with the latest Flash players.

Bad news 1st. Blockbeat is pretty much unplayable now: the changes to music integration with AS 3.0 seem to mean that the complex sound arrangements of this game just don't work out. Sound layers play on top of each other, and there are gaps between one layer stopping and another starting. It may just be a Vista problem - but the odds of most users getting a decent game out of this are unfortunately low.

I really, really want to fix this as it's the first game me and aunt nadia worked on, but I won't be able to do anything for a while. It's not out of the question that I might recode the whole thing in AS3. We'll see.

Good news: Metroid Captive has been 'fitted' with the latest emulator from David. The emu is NesCafe - I'm always plugging it, and David is a great guy so show him your appreciation with money if you like the game :)

It runs a little smoother now, though I'm waiting to hear from him to find out if I can default the sound back to mute when the game starts (at the moment - sound is active and the game is slow). I'm confident this will be fixable, but I'm not sure save states now work.

Finally: Water Buoy has finally had the background music added to it. This track is a real aunt nadia special so just check the tune out if not the game. Sound FX still missing but they are coming!!

Finally - people seem to be getting different lighting effects with the racing game beta I just uploaded. The variations are manifold, and as usual browsers, player versions, and operating systems all play their part in adding to the difficulty in identifying the main source. I'll keep investigating this: look for the next / final beta very soon.


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