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Portfolio page update 
** UPDATE: I've taken this page down as things have moved on bit in recent years!

I have recently updated my portfolio page - offering an overview of the technologies I have been working with and the skills I have developed in the last year.

If you were brought to this page via the link on my CV - welcome! The portfolio page is the place to start and offers hands-on interaction with my work wherever possible.

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Bobby's Beard has a new home 
I have added Bobby's Beard to the designs section and updated all of the 'creation' pages for all of the designs there. This means no more dead links on this site!

Prawnstar is growing really fast now - I still have a day's work to do just getting the latest projects online. Beyond that - a major overhaul is needed to improve the infrastructure of the site. Meta tags, showcase reels, dynamic menus, and much more.
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Album covers 
Aunt Nadia's new album is an unusual cross between Girls Aloud and the Outhere Brothers. I'm working on his album covers while rebuilding my life.




By all means leave a comment and let aunt nadia know what you think of these covers. It stops him making these dreadful albums for five minutes anyway.
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Design Section updated  
I've added the logos that I created for various people in the last 3 months or so. They are in the design section.

I'd like to thank Nicole, John, and Sonia again for allowing me to showcase their designs.

In the near future I will include a brief description of each organisation, as well as upload the initial ideas sheets that preceded the final product.

They're all relatively new businesses with an exciting future, and I am looking forward to seeing how the logos are made to work for them.
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