Reviews are up 
Without a doubt: the most neglected areas of this site have been music and articles. Fortunately that that is no longer the case for one of them :)

I've uploaded four reviews - a couple of which I've had knocking around for over a year - looking at an eclectic selection of games.

Unfortunately, I have yet to add images & captions to any of them, but the content is done, so the back of them is broken!

As I keep saying: the comments system will soon be in place (it'll actually just be based around this wonderful blog script) and I welcome feedback from anyone who happens to have played these obscure games, or has something to say about my writing style. Emails are just as welcome in the meantime, of course.

It's all about improving, after all, and feedback is the best way.

Who knows... maybe one day even the music section will be up?!?
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