What? Another game!? Who is this child prodigy?? 
Ah yes... well his name is Sean and he's actually disappointingly old. Never mind.

Water Buoy is not only the most robust game I've made to date; it also took considerably less time to make than any of the previous efforts (around 5 days, minus testing & the inevitable deployment issues). But I don't anticipate it working on macs, of course, as I'd hate to break the habit of a lifetime :)

At it's heart it's a simple ball & paddle game. But as far as I'm aware WB is an original concept. Inspirations include that Hoover style game from one of the Warioware titles (can't remember which one), and a really neat little puzzle game I found over at Jay's.

Anyway- please check it out. If you're not sold on my previous games, this one is different enough to warrant your attention (I hope!).

The music hasn't been put in yet - that's the only major thing. Time to lobby Aunt Nadia for some tunes.

Description, Reflection etc. are yet to follow (I keep saying that, but doing it is another thing altogether). Also; I'm working on a comments system which I'm determined to put in place in the next few weeks, so be sure to take advantage of it.

Ok - thanks for checking in, now go play!
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