Welcome to my site :) 
Thanks for stopping by! This site was originally designed to showcase University projects and games I created in my spare time. Though I don't add content here any more, it remains a useful repository for older projects that don't really fit with my career portfolio.

Since you've been kind enough to visit - I've put together this quick link list featuring all the good bits so you don't have to trawl through the rest :). The links below point to the games and multimedia applications that I feel show the best of my technical ability and creativity between late 2006 and April 2008.

Crystal Capers
3D car racing game written in Shockwave 3D.

Weird Space
2D space shooting game written in AS3.

Random Terrain
An engine for generating 2D world maps for basic top down games. Written in C# and AS3.

Narrative in Digital Games
My final year dissertation looking at narrative & storytelling in games. Cites Steven Poole's Trigger Happy amongst other leading readings of the time.

An original puzzle game written in AS2. I'm still really pleased with this one. Please read the instructions before you do anything :)

Metroid Captive
This is a complete reworking of the old Nintendo console game: Metroid. You can download the game and play it in an emulator, or play it in the browser if you're on a PC.

Water Buoy
A fun ball & paddle game written in AS2.

... and finally - I consider this site to be amongst my more important achievements over those formative years. It proved a great asset in learning CSS, PHP and how to integrate with other CMS frameworks.

Thanks again for visiting and be sure to keep an eye on brainskis.com for the latest news on my commercial projects. Bye for now!

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New songs 
I have uploaded some demos that I have been working on over the last 2 months. These are the first of a batch I am working on that I am relatively happy with. So here they are - a kind of EP (do they still exist?)

1. Go alone, 2. Bleed yourself dry, 3. Freaks
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Portfolio page update 
** UPDATE: I've taken this page down as things have moved on bit in recent years!

I have recently updated my portfolio page - offering an overview of the technologies I have been working with and the skills I have developed in the last year.

If you were brought to this page via the link on my CV - welcome! The portfolio page is the place to start and offers hands-on interaction with my work wherever possible.

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Splash page change 
Very quick update: I've changed the splash page to give a flavour of how I would like the next installment (v3.0) of Prawnstar Productions to look. Please have a look.

There won't be too many updates for a while. I am starting a job as an Interactive Developer and have my work cut out :). Exciting as this is, it pains me that the dynamic menu generation is still only half-implemented. If you find all of the projects disappear from site after clicking on a category from the upper menu (eg. games, articles, etc.), please just click the category again and they'll reappear.
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Grand Theft Nautical - over-due update. 
A substantial update for Grand Theft Nautical has just been added. Features include:

- screen refresh issues should now be a thing of the past (eg. when you roll over a background component).
- Moving the app now sees the playfield redrawn correctly (some issues with XP).
- Major memory leak fix (when you died before, spare CPU cycles were eaten up).
- Tidy up to title screen and GUI.
- instructions updated on project page.
- game can no longer be resized by accident.

Still to-do:
- toggling radio buttons can still 'stick'. No idea why this is happening.
- would love to update a high score table automatically.
- Testing on Mac; XP anomaly when dragged off-screen.

Grand Theft Nautical is more of a desktop distraction, and is thus unlikely to feature any colleague-upsetting music or FX in future releases.

It is pretty easy to get to grips with, but difficult to master. It aims to have the same vibe as Robotron 2084: you always feel you can do better than your last go, and know it won't take long to get to where you left off.
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